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  1. Sake and the anime El Hazard. Have you seen it? Its created by Tenchi Muyo’s authors, and there’s some limited crossover there. Both the English and Japanese dubs are excellent, and while it isn’t very long, there’s a key character whose need for sake is counteracted by a pretty huge ability… but then there’s sake. And sake is rice wine. But Budweiser is rice beer, tragic as that may be.
    Another good one is Sake with Irresponsible Captain Tylor, one very lucky space captain. His doctor needs sake or he can’t operate, and he’s a great doctor when he’s drunk, but a shaky one when he isn’t. Also, the color pink has completely Viking levels of context. Vikings thought Pink was manly and vicious, and murdered and enslaved thousands wearing pink surcoats. Vikings were too manly for pink.

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  2. Tenchi Muyo is also about Sake. The original 6 ep OVA has several events with sake, in Japanese or “Tea” in English. Ryoko, best girl, is a serious bottle fairy because she’s denied the boy she’s watched raised from a child while trapped in suspended animation for a thousand years. Ryoko totally deserves a raised cup of sake.


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