Why Anime and Wine

Life can be stressful. Got a college degree you don’t like. Swimming in financial aid debt. Co-worker drama and friends that aren’t really friends and to top if all off we’re at that age were people feel the need to say “when are you going to settle down and have kids”

Well here’s out solution friends. Anime + Wine, its been a long week. Take your shoes off. Grab a glass of your favorite wine ($5 bottle or $100 we’re not wine snobs) and play your favorite anime (subbed or dubbed we’re not gatekeepers) and we’re going to relax. Do adulthood on our own terms.

we hope you join us.

2 thoughts on “Why Anime and Wine

  1. Indeed. I will join your group. I have practiced this for years. I encourage bell peppers and beef with a cabernet or merlot, depending on how you season your stir fry, while watching Cowboy Bebop. See ep. 1 for the reason.


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