Neo yokio wine pairing: is this show good or not?


Neo yokio Episode 1 review.

The anime that divided a nation or more like the anime community. Acquired by Netflix September 2017 and created by Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend the series centers on Kaz Kaan voiced by Jaden Smith as a demon hunting upper east-sider if the upper east side was a place called Neo-yokio.

This show is lite, bubbly and doesn’t ask for much but they’re small notes of something odd. What makes Neo-Yokio polarizing is it’s satirical nature. Is it self-aware satire or are we just being fake deep here?.

we’re giving Neo-Yokio a shot. its an odd ball show that isn’t for everyone but if you can see the humor and lean on the side of thinking its creators are self aware of its satirical nature you’ll enjoy it.

PAIRS WITH: Pink Moscato. The perfect low maintenance wine for a low maintenance show. We can’t be fancy all the time. The show and wine are lite, sweet to the palette and go down easy. Six episodes make it a quick binge.

Our favorite line: “Two is the loneliest number especially when you’re number two to a jackass”-

Rating-Two Star/ Boxed anime: Some look down on you. You’re not the best wine, you’re not the best anime but you get the job done.

What are your wine pairing suggestions for Neo-Yokio?

4 thoughts on “Neo yokio wine pairing: is this show good or not?

  1. Sutter home tends to be a terrible wine, one that tastes of rust and rocket fuel, because they needed to use better quality stainless steel in their tanks. It is a good choice to go with a terrible anime. I tried an ep of that show and it was *shudder* revulsion. Its not clever like Archer. And its playing up the blaxsploitation angle too strongly, which hurts its chances with general audiences and anime fans. People who watch anime know what they like.


    1. This is very true! after watching the first episode. I don’t really know what to make of it. From what i’ve been polling of people its one of those things people seem to like..or really hate.


      1. The overt racism is a big turnoff for me. Try Sora No Woto with a nice hard cider 6-pk, since I haven’t found anywhere with a genuine apple brandy that isn’t just flavored. That’s a plot point in the story, so it fits. And the girls on that show are adorable. Much better viewing than Neo Yokio.


  2. As a counter offer, I suggest Trigun, glazed donuts, and a sauvignon blanc or a $5 chardonnay. Trigun is a desert planet, in a sort of retro-scifi setting, where fragments of Western cowboy culture gets overlapped with guns from 1865-1947, so revolvers and AK-47s are common. Its usually a funny show, but also has its emo moments, since the hero is roughly based on Ruroni Kenshin (from Samurai X OVA) and the anime of the same name. Same guy, but a lot of years between them. You’ll understand the donuts in Ep. 1. And you need a light wine to go with them.


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