Demon King Daimao: scantily clad wine

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Official summary: “This story of “love, magic, and battles” revolves around Akuto Sai, a boy who aims to become part of his country’s highest order of magicians and contribute to society as one of its clergy. On the day he is admitted into the Constant Magical Academy, his aptitude test predicts the following: “Future Occupation: Demon King.” Thus begins his severe school life in which he is resented by his studious female class head, desired by a girl with mysterious powers, and guarded by a beautiful female android”via

Our pairing: I have to admit this one had me a little nervous. Within the first ten minuets there were many scantily clad shots of anime girls and I thought to myself ‘oh no its gonna be that type of anime” light on substance but heavy on exploitation. I’m happy to report by the end I was pleasantly won over. Make no mistake about it there are plenty of exploitative shots but there is real story. Funny, against the grain and will not be for everyone’s pallet we pair this with none other than boxed wine. Depending on the social circle you run in boxed wine will give you a light glare or scathing condemnation but we’re okay with it. This is a judgment free zone.

Rating: Two Star/ Boxed anime: Some look down on you. You’re not the best wine, you’re not the best anime but you get the job done.

Got a pairing suggestion? we’d love to hear it!

The Secret World of Arrietty: wine pairing

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official Summary: “Arrietty, a tiny but tenacious 14-year-old, lives with her parents in the recesses of a suburban garden home, unbeknownst to the homeowner and her housekeeper. Like all little people, Arrietty remains hidden from view, except during occasional covert ventures beyond the floorboards to “borrow” scrap supplies like sugar cubes from her human hosts. But when 12-year-old Shawn, a human boy who comes to stay in the home, discovers his mysterious housemate one evening, a secret friendship blossoms. If discovered, their relationship could drive Arrietty’s family from the home and straight into danger” via movieweb

Our Pairing:  Avinyó 2012 Cava Reserva Brut. The Secrete world of Arrietty is delicious, as most offerings from Studio Ghibli you’ll watch and instantly crave a world with lush greens and peaceful summers. A vivid and vibrant world that doesn’t skip on emotion this film isn’t heavy on action and it’s better for it. Arrietty’s journey from hidden borrower to befriending her first human friend in Shawn voiced by David Henrie is a treat to watch. The cinematography will make you long for nature and the story long for a lost friend. Pairs perfect with the meditative earthy tones of Avinyó 2012 Cava.

Our Rating:  Four star/ Sparkling anime: Now we’re getting fancy. We can’t really afford you . That rare anime that speaks to us. The studio Ghibli of wines

Liveblogging shenanigans: Dragon Ball Super

Pride cometh before the fall or in Vegeta’s case before you destroy a sensitive metal man.

Here’s a taste of our liveblog of the latest Adult Swim episode of Dragon ball super “An Unexpectedly Uphill Battle! Vetegats Great Blast of Fury”

What we were drinking: Sauvignon Blanc


asos order

Neo yokio wine pairing: is this show good or not?


Neo yokio Episode 1 review.

The anime that divided a nation or more like the anime community. Acquired by Netflix September 2017 and created by Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend the series centers on Kaz Kaan voiced by Jaden Smith as a demon hunting upper east-sider if the upper east side was a place called Neo-yokio.

This show is lite, bubbly and doesn’t ask for much but they’re small notes of something odd. What makes Neo-Yokio polarizing is it’s satirical nature. Is it self-aware satire or are we just being fake deep here?.

we’re giving Neo-Yokio a shot. its an odd ball show that isn’t for everyone but if you can see the humor and lean on the side of thinking its creators are self aware of its satirical nature you’ll enjoy it.

PAIRS WITH: Pink Moscato. The perfect low maintenance wine for a low maintenance show. We can’t be fancy all the time. The show and wine are lite, sweet to the palette and go down easy. Six episodes make it a quick binge.

Our favorite line: “Two is the loneliest number especially when you’re number two to a jackass”-

Rating-Two Star/ Boxed anime: Some look down on you. You’re not the best wine, you’re not the best anime but you get the job done.

What are your wine pairing suggestions for Neo-Yokio?

Why Anime and Wine

Life can be stressful. Got a college degree you don’t like. Swimming in financial aid debt. Co-worker drama and friends that aren’t really friends and to top if all off we’re at that age were people feel the need to say “when are you going to settle down and have kids”

Well here’s out solution friends. Anime + Wine, its been a long week. Take your shoes off. Grab a glass of your favorite wine ($5 bottle or $100 we’re not wine snobs) and play your favorite anime (subbed or dubbed we’re not gatekeepers) and we’re going to relax. Do adulthood on our own terms.

we hope you join us.